Quilled Butterflies

I quilled three butterflies which I turned into window decorations. But the poor little critters were getting bored in the house and wanted to go for a walk in the park. This happened in the only sunny day which we had here last week so I took some photos with the butterflies in their natural environment: resting on flowers.

The length of a butterfly is approximately 4″ (10cm) and its width is 4″ (10cm). They were made of 160g/sm paper hand-cut into 1/8″ (3mm) paper strips.


* Design inspired from a spanish quilling book *



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    Khushboo says:


    This is soo pretty.. The tags should be out in the wild..:-)… great quilling…


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    divya says:

    Wow Manu they look soooooooo natural………:-)
    You are so good at your art that i wanted to suggest something to u if u don mind………
    I feel u should start having some MC ‘s(masterclass)……..in any of ur designs………would love to learn from you dear:-)

    And also thank u for ur sweet comments

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    Monica says:

    So pretty, and those pictures are simply delightful… what big sized butterflies and that you actually cut the strips manually. Hard work there! But well worth it.
    xxx Monica

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    Paula says:

    WOW the butterflies are beautiful, love how you have them placed on the tree and flowers, gorgeous pictures!!!
    I have your blog on mine ,so I can check back and see more of your creations

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    angelin says:

    They are gorgeous in the natural environment ,
    i am not that so good in making butterflies .these look very pretty.

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