Diamond Shaped Greeting Card with Quilled Flowers

I’ve always hesitated to make quilled cards. Give me that tiny space and I have no idea how to fill it. Luckly for me, my friend Khush kept nagging me (in a nice way, of course) to give it a try. I saw a few weeks ago on Angelin’s blog a very nice diamond shaped greeting card and since she was kind to share the tutorial (thank you, Angelin!), I decided to make a similar one.

And this is the result:

I used 160g/sm card board, but I think thicker card board would have been a better choice (the card tends to tilt to the sides because the quilled part is a bit heavy). For the flowers and the fringed centers I used 80g/sm paper, hand cut into 2mm strips, and for the leaves 120g/sm paper, hand cut into 2mm strips.

Few more close-up photos: 

 And a side view:

 I hope you like it! The text translates as ‘Have a beautiful day!’.  All your comments and suggestions are deeply appreciated, as always!

Have a Beautiful Day!




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    Monica says:

    It is a beautiful card and Khush is a great motivator! Your flowers are SImPLy BEaUtiFuL – the sprigs are lovely as well… love it.

    xxx Monica

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    Khushboo says:

    Well… I did tell you last night it is awesome and from all the comments I am reading.. Seems like everyone shares my views.. I’ll keep nagging you to try some more… I repeat… I TOTALLY LOVED THE FLOWERS.. I THINK THEY ARE GORGEOUS…!!

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    Kiddo says:

    Este minunata felicitarea! Superbe flori, deosebite in rosu si alb! De o vreme incoace la acest tip de felicitare ma gandeam si eu, dar mi s-a parut ca n-am carton destul de gros:) Dar acum cred ca voi face o incercare cu ceea ce am.

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    Wendy Abdo says:

    This is extremely beautiful! I would love to see the tutorial for the Diamond Shaped Greeting Card with Quilled Flowers, but the “tutorial” link referred to above does not take me to the tutorial. Is this something you can relink or email? Thank you! You are extremely talented. 🙂

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