Quilled Flower Arrangements with Tutorial

Everytime I want to buy colored paper for quilling, I end up getting a stack of 6 to 10 colors. Now, from all of these, I never use more than let’s say… 4 or 5. I buy the whole stack because few colors catch my eye; I know the other ones are going to lay somewhere never to be used. In the past couple of days, I cleaned (or tried to clean) my workspace and I realised how many sheets of paper were waiting to become a leaf, a flower or anything else you can turn them into through quilling.
I picked a few of them which I’ve never used before. I was surptised to see that they actually have a great deal of potential.

So I made some leaves…

… a few flowers…

 … until I ended up with all these pieces:

 I made 2 different quilled flower arrangements which I would like to share with you. Which one do you think looks best?


Happy Quilling!




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    angelin says:

    All the flowers are gorgeous and pretty .i love the way you’ve done the buds .the last picture is superb .i never use precut quilling paper ,seeing your quilling i have decided to stop using ordinary papers and give a try with precut ones.

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    Dr Sonia S V says:

    Dear Manuk
    Please drop by my blog and accept the sweet blog award from me.
    You leave me such sweet comments that I immediately thought of you to leave this award to.
    Love Sonia

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    Larisa says:

    ManuK, you can not choose. They are both beautiful. This is a series. This is the same thing from different sides. It is very beautiful!

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    JAB says:

    Maybe Im wrong but I thought tutorial meant “teaching” or “showing” others how to create such flowers and such…….your creations are beautiful but as a beginner to quilling showing some of your know how would of been nice……..

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