Homyachok Quilling Challenge #1: Solo – Quilled Red Dahlia

Hello Everybody!

I made this flower for Homyachok challenge #1, titled ‘Solo’. The rule is to create one beautiful quilled flower.

With a little help and encouragment from Aljona aka WhiteRacoon, I decided to enter the competition with a quilled red dahlia. I used 120g/sm paper, hand cut into 2mm paper strips. The petals were made using the husking technique and the center is a fringed quilled flower.

Homyachok is a russian challenge blog and the name translates as ‘little hamster’ . Do visit the website to see some amazing creations, both from the talented members of the designer team and the other participants!



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    WhiteRacoon says:

    Thank you for joining us at Homyachok challenge!
    What a beautiful flower you have here! I really love the curved petals and that little addition that makes the picture whole – the twigs and leaves! So cute!

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    helen says:

    It’s gorgeous! I didn’t know how you did it but I tried hand cut my own quilling strips none of the strips are the same. Great job!

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    Katrin says:

    Какой красивый яркий красный цветок получился! Просто бесподобно!!!
    Удачи в задании Хомячок Challenge.

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    Mira says:

    Wow! post after post making my eyes open wider and wider. what an amazing work and presentation. liked the daisy field with the bee. Yes, as you said, the bee makes it more lively. Happy to follow you 🙂

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    Tarrah says:

    What a unique design — delicate and delightful! Your flowers are so beautiful I’ll need a Pininterest page just for your creations alone! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your inspired work.

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