Present for a Baby Girl with Tutorial

It’s time to share with you the other project I had prepared for our trip to Iasi I was telling you about a month ago: a framed quilled picture with the name of a very sweet baby girl!

I started working on this present as soon as the parents decided how they are going to name their baby. Unfortunately, I finished the project while we were in Iasi, so all the pictures were taken using a cell phone, hence the bad quality of the photos.

Initially I thought of a quilled monogram, big enough to be framed and hanged on the wall, but I realised that the full name looks better when written down than just a single letter. This is how my original idea looked like:

I was planning on covering the letter ‘A’ with quilled flowers in different pink shades (since this present was a surprise and the parents didn’t know exactly what I was going to make, I decided to play it safe and chose the color pink for the letters and the flowers).

I printed the pink letters on cardboard and started the long process of cutting them. I really tried to do my best here, so I took all the time I needed in order to get this right. As you can imagine, the letters weren’t perfect, but I was very pleased with my work :).

I had prepared some quilled flowers in various pink shades. I used 120g/sm and 160g/sm paper, hand-cut into 1 – 1.5 mm paper strips to be able to shape the petals.

 I never stick to my initial design so I eventualy decided to arrange the letters to form an arch.


I glued all these on a A3 pearlized cardboard (I don’t know if you can tell that from these bad photos, sigh… I am pretty sad now that I didn’t get to take better pictures), then framed it.

 I enjoyed so much working on this project! It was something completely new for me! I hope you like it, too! All your comments and suggestions are deeply appreciated!

Happy Quilling!




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    Neli says:

    Много красиво!Идеята ти е чудесна!Цветята ми харесват -цвета и начина на изработката!

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    Cheryl says:

    I just love this project. It is amazing. You are very creative. The letters look perfect as does the quilling…and the pictures are excellent for a cell phone.

    I would love to see you do more of these….

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    Kiddo says:

    Ce frumos este! Iar florile sunt atat de delicate! Cred ca prietenii au fost foarte incantati de un asa cadou. Multumesc mult pentru precizarea latimii hartiei din care sunt facute! Am incercat de cateva ori sa fac astfel de petale si m-am gandit ca ceva nu este bine ca nu imi ies. De vina era latimea hartie de 3mm si astfel nu puteam sa le mai dau forma 🙂

  4. avatar
    Mihaela says:

    Foarte, foarte frumos! Floricelele sunt atat de dragute in nuantele acelea de roz. Lucrarea ta arata lovely! Nu stiam de ce nu mai vad nimic facut de tine, eu te urmaream doar pe site-ul in romana…si uite asa am ratat cateva lucrari minunate de-ale tale!!!

  5. avatar
    Suzana says:

    It’s really great. Just perfect for a baby girl. Thanks for tutorial. Your flowers are special, I love them a lot. I like the look of letters, just like they are flying in the air.

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