Quilled Mouse

Hello lovelies!

No, I am not dead! Yet… It’s been ages since my last post, but this doesn’t mean that I’ve stayed away from quilling. Actually, I’m with my elbows deep in quilling paper and working on new projects.

Today I have a quilled mouse to show you. I’ve been planning to quill one of these for ages!

This little guy is just 3cm long and 1.5cm tall. You might remember my quilled teddy bear, well… I took it to the next level and fringed the paper as fine as possible.

 A new thing around here is my logo. I wanted to make a change a long time ago, and Facebook‘s new timeline gave me the nudge I needed to finally do something about it. So here it is, I really hope you like it!

Happy Quilling Everybody!




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      Manuk says:

      Glad to have you here, Sonia! Google Friend Connect is no longer available for non-Blogger blogs, this is why my new posts didn’t show on your dashboard. Please subscribe via e-mail, Facebook or RSS Feed! Thank you!

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    WhiteRacoon says:

    Cool! Very cute little guy! =) Love his whiskers and tail, and especially I love how you attatched his eyes – being “dug” into the fringes they look very natural! Great job! Hugs, Aljona

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    Patricia says:

    This mouse is so cute, I can’t figure how you made it. I make the daisy like flowers but have no idea how to apply that to the mouse. Keep up the good work it is fabulous.

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      ManuK says:

      Thank you very much, Patricia! The mouse it’s actually a fringed flower with an elliptical base instead of the normal, round one we use to make flowers. Hope it helps!

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    shivani sameer says:

    ohhhhhh….its so cute,manuk please don’t make me love these creatures so much that i start keeping them in my home as my family members….but obviously yes these are amazing and unbelievable………..

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    philomena rajan says:

    please teach us how to that ,or atleast paste the step so that we can follow it and learn something interesting.

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