Back to the Basics II – Quilled Lavender

Hello Everybody!

I must confess that I’m really starting to enjoy creating these little canvasses! For the second one, I went with pastel colors and I don’t think one can get more basic than this quilled lavender:

 I used the same basic quilling shape I did in ‘Little Yellow Flowers’ and the canvas was made after Claire’s tutorial.

 For the lavender flowers I used 80g/sm papers and for the stems and leaves 120g/sm papers, all hand cut into 2 mm strips. The canvas measures 12/12 cm and it was made from 160g/sm cardboard.

Since everything in this post is about simple, basic quilling, I will show you my first quillography  (credit goes to Pritesh, who coined up this word).  Mind you it’s something I did in less than 15 minutes after a doodle I draw while trying to come up with some funny letters 😀

 This little card measures 9.5cm X 6.5 cm. I used 3mm paper strips, I don’t know if it’s the optimal width, but for this it worked just fine.

And here is the doodle:


This is all for now! Until next time: Happy Quilling!




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    Pritesh says:

    Comments for all the photos! 😀 PRETTY, PREEEETTY, cute and WOW (your doodles are THIS near?)……………love you Manu, this work is awesome, keep it up! 🙂

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      ManuK says:

      Thank you, Bea! It does look like spring bluebells! So my creation can be open to interpretation: lavender or bluebells 🙂

      Happy Crafting!

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    Natasha Rodricks-Naidu says:

    My goodness. I just discovered you and your work and am sold out on it.
    I love making simple, littel projects especailly because my projects are on the go- a quick thank you, birthday card, a glass painting for a cabinet that’s been bare for too long…
    Lovely to find you and I’ll be dropping by more often.

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