Quilled Purple Asters in a Small Shadowbox Frame

Hello Everybody!

Quick post with a little project: quilled purple asters in a shadowbox frame.

I’ve made a handful of fringed flowers which I glued on a white canvas and then I placed inside the frame.

 Sideview of the frame with the quilled asters inside:

 The big purple flowers are fringed from paper strips 1.5cm and 1.6cm wide, and the small pale pink ones from 1.2cm and 1.3cm strips. For the flower center I used two different color paper strips, both 6mm wide. The size of the canvas is 6.5cm * 12.5cm and the size of the entire frame 12.5cm * 17.5cm.


Happy Quilling!




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    shivani sameer says:

    Manuk you are a real inspiration for me.Your creations make me take more interest in quilling and this art.thank you……

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