Quilled Sunflowers in a Vase

I would like to share with you my latest project: quilled sunflowers in a vase.

 I posted a sneak peek photo on my Facebook Page a few days ago, so here it is now, all done :). I initially made the sunflowers for a framed flower arrangement, but they ended up pretty big, so I decided to turn them into a freestanding project.

 For the petals I used plain orange xerox paper (80gsm) and for the flower center 120gsm black and brown paper. The stems are made of green floral wire, wrapped in duplex paper. I used 3 wires for 1 stem to make it thick enough for a sunflower. The diameter of the largest flower is aprox. 6.5cm and the entire ensemble is 14cm tall.

Few more close-up photos:


 Thank you for your visit!

Happy Quilling!



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    SPP says:

    Hi Manu! Lovely flowers. I had a question – how do you put all the prts together? i mean, after creating the quilled petals, how do you stick them together to make a 3-d flower? can you please illustrate?

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    Olivia says:

    Your work is so inspirational. I saw this and decided to do paper quilling for my next art project. Thank you and have fun!

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    Sonu Dube (India) says:

    Hi Manuela, great work!! Can you tell us how did you make the center of this sunflower, its hard to understand from the picture.

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