Quilled Puppy

Hello Everybody!

Today’s project is a simple, funny quilled puppy.

I’ve developed quite an obsession for fringing lately trying to get the cuts as fine as possible and I think I’m on the right track. Instead of making the classic fringed flowers, I decided to put all the chopped paper to good use and make something a bit different, but still use a simple design. I found my inspiration in pom pom crafts, and to be honest I had no idea what animal I would make until the last moment.

The little guy is no more than 2 cm tall. I used 80g/sm paper, a total of 12 strips, 6mm wide and 30 cm long. The puppy consists of 2 fringed flowers, glued back to back.

 For my next quilled animal I’m already thinking of a cat with long whiskers and pointy ears. Looking forward to see what you’ll create!

Happy Quilling!




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    Sathya says:

    Such an adorable one….Love to see your next creation in this cute mini quilled animal series!!!!

    I wonder how u manage to roll in the slotted tool, width being 6mm only. Please share the tip for that, Manu.
    Since for me, fringing is like breeze, but rolling without loosening the coil is a real big deal..

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      ManuK says:

      Thank you, Sathya! I only roll about half of paper strip with the slotted tool. Then I remove it and continue rolling the paper while holding the tight coil between my thumb and index finger. Hope it helps!

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    Marie Ford says:

    I so love your little animals – They are the cutest I’ve ever seen. Is there somewhere on the net where you have a tutorial on how to do these furry little critters.
    You are a STAR.
    Cheers – Marie Ford from New Zealand

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      ManuK says:

      Thank you very much, Marie!
      I don’t have tutorials for my quilled animals, sorry! If you want to make the puppy, all you need are 2 fringed flowers. Glue them back to back, add the eyes and the ears and you’re done! Hope it helps!

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    fatimsh says:

    I tried to make it but its not like yours actually I make quilting too .mine the fringe coik is being seen,what to do

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