Follow Your Heart


Today’s project is a bit different than my usual ones: a frame with a quilled heart and a message that reads ‘Have the courage to follow your heart’. I got inspired by the posters with different quotes upon which I stumble daily on Facebook.

 I started by making the heart: I doodled its shape on a piece of cardboard, cut it and then slowly began to glue on it the fringed flowers.
I started with the baby pink ones, but felt like there was need for a bright color too, so I made more in a bright pink and lilac. Once I decided that I will glue it on a red canvas, I went back to square one and began removing all the hot pink and purple fringed flowers (yep, this is how it always goes, adding and removing bits and pieces). Fortunately, the piece of cardboard started to curl from all the gluing and removing the flowers, so I ended up with this 3D shape. Lucky me! 😀

 After that I searched for a quote which I could use with the quilled heart and printed the text on a sheet of paper. I carefully cut out the words and glued a 5mm tight coil at each end to make the text pop-up.

 I arranged the quilled heart and the text on a 7mm thick canvas and done!

The total size of the canvas is 10cm X 15cm and the total size of the frame is 15.5cm X 20.5cm. The fringed flowers are made from 4mm and 5mm wide paper strips, 80g/sm. The quilled heart is aprox. 7.5cm long.

Side view of the frame:

 The canvas:

 All your comments and suggestions are deeply appreciated!

Happy Quilling!




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    love says:

    thats totaly AWESOME i want to make one like that can u help me by sayin how how to do this? i would love ya pretty please…………

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