Quilled G Clef

Quilled G Clef – Paper Graphic (Contour Quilling).

I made this quilled G clef as a present for Lucian who celebrated his 32nd birthday this Sunday (Happy Birthday, Bub!). I started thinking about a little quilled gift for this occasion a few weeks ago and I decided at some point to make a greeting card with a musical theme because he loves music and a few months ago he started taking piano lessons. A ‘G clef’ seemed like a good idea and after a little bit of Internet research I found a wonderful pair of earrings which served as inspiration for my project. What I liked about them was the fact that they had a heart incorporated into the design which I found very cute. The score on the background is from Lucian’s favorite solo keyboard music: ‘Prelude No. 1 in C major’ from the ‘Well-tempered Clavier’ by J.S. Bach. If you are curious and have 2 minutes to spare, listen to Glenn Gould interpretation, I find it truly mesmerizing!

Quilled G Clef on a Canvas

 This is my first paper graphic project (credit goes to the incredibly talented artist Yulia Brodskaya) which I successfully finished, after two failed attempts at making floral arrangements. I am glad that I decided to give it another try. It must be true what they say: ‘third time’s the charm’. 😀 I tried to keep the design simple, no flowers or too many swirls.

Quilled G Clef Side View

 Even though I initially wanted to make a greeting card, I ended up mounting the quilled G clef on a canvas and then framing it. I can’t help it, I simply must frame everything I create, probably because I like to see all those fragile paper strips safe, behind a 2mm glass!

Quilled G Clef in a Shadowbox Frame

 I used 160gsm paper which I hand cut into 5 mm strips. The size of the canvas is 12cm * 17cm and the quilled G clef is 16cm long. The total size of the frame is 20.5cm * 15.5cm.


Thank you for your visit!

Wishing you all ‘Happy Holidays!’




  1. avatar
    Teja says:

    itz lovelyy!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
    pity i cant make one cause i jus knw da basics of quillingg….
    can u upload a video hw u made dis as it would be really helpful!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. avatar
    Lina says:

    Hi Manu 🙂

    Did you print the G clef first and then attached it to the paper strip?
    I want to give it a try to make my own G clef, wish me luck Manu 😀

  3. avatar
    Prem says:

    Hi Manu,
    Its Overwhelming.!!!! Could you please let me know how did you get the red BG. Did you cut the BG after pasting the strips or how did you manage to get it so perfectly. Please guide me.

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