Quilled Ladybugs in the Grass with Tutorial

Quilled Ladybugs in the Grass with Tutorial – Husking Technique Tutorial.

I got the idea to quill grass with ladybugs a few months ago when I was working on martisoare. Back then, I made a simple design suited for the small talismans knowing that at some point I would come back to this idea and create a framed project.

Quilled Ladybugs in the Grass

 Quilled Grass Leaves Tutorial – Husking Technique

You will need a cork board and baking paper or parchment to prevent the paper strips from sticking to the paper where you’ll mark your guiding points. I drew them 1cm apart, but you can make them as far apart or as close as you want to.

Quilled Grass Tutorial 01

I used 2mm wide strips, 2 shades of green for each leaf (120gsm combined with 80gsm). You will need very long paper strips, 40cm up to 80 cm, so glue 2-3 strips together before you start to weave them around the pins.

This quilling technique is called “husking”. Insert your first pin into the cork board and secure the paper strips by making a tiny loop. Insert the next pin and bring the paper strips around it, making sure to always add glue at the base of your first pin every time you come back to that point. Repeat the process until the desired grass leaf length is achieved.

Quilled Grass Tutorial 02

Quilled Grass Tutorial 03

Quilled Grass Tutorial 04

Quilled Grass Tutorial 05

Quilled Grass Tutorial 06

Quilled Grass Tutorial 07

 Remove the pins and you’ll get something like this:

Quilled Grass Tutorial 08

Add glue in the interior of the quilled element and then squeeze it between your fingers for around 10 seconds until the adhesive dries.

Quilled Grass Tutorial 09

Quilled Grass Tutorial 10

 This is how it should like in the end:

Quilled Grass Tutorial 11

The grass leaves length varies between 5cm – 9cm. Stick 2-3 layers on top of each other to add depth to your project. I really like how they look glued in tiny bunches!

Quilled Grass Tutorial 12

You can use the comb technique to get these quilled shapes, I feel more comfortable working with the pins. This is how big they will turn out:

Quilled Grass Tutorial 13

 I hope you found the tutorial useful! Thank you for your visit!

Quilled Ladybugs in the Grass Tutorial


Happy Quilling!



  1. avatar
    Rox says:

    E foarte fain tutorialul, eu ma chinuiam cu un mic piaptan pentru catei, dar cred ca e mai simplu asa si sunt mult mai multe posibilitati.

    Penultima poza mi-a dat o idee pentru ceva mai abstract, o sa experimentez si revin cu impresii 🙂

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Multumesc, Rox! Si eu la fel, dar fiind din metal mi-e prea greu sa lucrez cu el, asa ca prefer metoda husking. Te astept sa revii cu un link sa iti admir creatia! Spor!

  2. avatar
    Cristina says:

    Manu, n-am cuvinte! Primul lucru pe care il realizezi la prima vedere este ca tabloul este superb! Apoi iti dai seama ca nu e foarte complicat de realizat, ca este realmente simplu! Si ramai cu gura cascata cat de frumos poate sa arate cateva fire de iarba si niste gargarite!!! Felicitari!!! imi place foarte mult!!! pupici

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Multumesc mult de tot, Cris!
      Inca de cand lucram la martisoare mi s-a parut o idee de efect, mai ales ca imi place foarte mult si contrastul dintre culori. Mie toate formele din quilling mi se par usor de facut, partea mai complicata apare atunci cand incerci sa le asezi intr-un model si sa iti si iasa ceva frumos.

  3. avatar
    Chris says:

    I love this one Manu. The grass and ladybugs go so well together. This is a genius of an idea and you have done a fabulous job of it as always!!

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      I mentioned in the tutorial about the comb method, but I am not very good at it. Probably because my comb is made of metal and it’s pretty heavy. You are right, the is no size limit when it comes to husking. 🙂

  4. avatar
    nidhi says:

    excellent tutorial n a perfect desing set in a beautiful frame..thanks a lot did u do the frame also urself..will love to learn making this from u too if u made it urself

  5. avatar
    Flora says:

    The artical was fantastic! Very clearly stated and elaborative! 🙂 Do you mind doing a tutorial on the ladybugs as well? Thx a lot 🙂

  6. avatar
    lili says:

    Sunteți pur și simplu o magiciană a hîrtiei. Nu mă mai satur de privit și admirat. Vă felicit pt. toate lucrările dv.Și vă mulțumesc pt .momentele de bucurie oferite aunci cînd privesc munca dv.Și vă mai mulțumesc pt că ați fost atît de generoasă încît să dați și tutoriale pt. ca și alții să învețe de la dv. Mult respect!

  7. avatar
    soniya says:

    Ur bugs n the grass looks real…its great n thanks for the tutorial. ..I m really thankful…as it helped me a lot

  8. avatar
    Anne Greenwood says:

    These are the best examples of the art of quilling I have come across. Very beautiful and amazing. Thank you for the tutorials

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