Quilled Jasmine Flowers Bouquet in a Vase – A Cluster of Fragrant Flowers

I can’t believe I finally get to post this project! It took me a lot more time to finish it than I expected and now that it’s done, I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Phew! I give you a bunch of quilled jasmine flowers in a vase:

Quilled Jasmine Flowers in a Vase

 There are a few shrubs of jasmine in the gardens near my flat and for the past weeks, ever since they bloomed, it’s impossible to pass past them without noticing their sweet, delicious fragrance. I love the flowers and getting to see them almost everyday inspired me to try and quill them.

Quilled Jasmine Flowers - Detail

 I made the variety with 4 petals, bell-shaped flower. I did a little bit of reading and found out that it belongs to the Oleaceae family (same as the olive trees) and that there are around 200 species, all indigenous to the tropical and warm temperate regions of the Old World. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find anywhere the name of the species I quilled, so I still have to do some research here.  Jasmine is the symbolic flower of Damascus which is also known as the City of Jasmine and also the national flower of Hawaii, Indonesia, Pakistan and Phillippines. The jasmine is widely cultivated for its flowers, used either for tea, essential oils, syrup or as decorative plant.

Quilled Jasmine Flowers Bouquet

 For the quilled jasmine flowers I used 1.5mm wide paper strips, hand cut from 160gsm white paper. They turned out pretty big: for the largest one I rolled 6 paper strips, each 30cm long. I shaped the petals with the mini mold from Quilled Creations, a lovely and extremely useful gift that I got from Pritesh to whom I want to thank again. The center of the flower is similar to the one I made for the blue poppy. For the leaves I used 120gms paper. I recently bought a new shade of dark green which I think goes very well next to the white flowers. For each leaf I glued 2 layers of paper, thus making them very thick, but easy to shape. The whole arrangement, including the vase, is approx. 15cm tall.

Quilled Jasmine Flowers - Detail

 I hope you like my quilled jasmine flowers! I’m already thinking of other branches with blooms to quill for my next project. Any suggestions?


I am entering my project to this month challenge on Homyachok blog – A Cluster of Fragrant Flowers.



Thank you for your visit!

Happy Quilling!




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    Sathya Kala says:

    Absoultely gorgeous flowers…Hard to take my eyes off…Just love the stages of blooming in this cluster…It so makes the bunch so much real,Manu 🙂 Hats off to your Patience, perseverence, UTMOST perfection 🙂

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you, Shylaashree! You are right, the natural flowers have fewer stamens. Unfortunately, I faced some difficulties when I tried to glue the petals and making the flower center larger solved the problem.

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    Zoe Brener says:

    My breath stopped permanently when I saw this. And now I have come back as a ghost to look at this beauty again. The title is yours in the challenge – I know it, everyone knows it!
    You know, Manuela, I am not into quilling flowers (unless someone orders, like for a present) – I prefer weird stuff. But your flowers really are different from many around and I love looking at them! My husband just saw the jasmine and also said: “Yeah, these really are good”.
    So thank you for the bunch, accepted (we don’t have stuff like this growing here naturally).

  3. avatar
    Pritesh says:

    Manu! This is SO real! You never really leave room for anyone to nitpick, do you? 😉 I’m so glad you’re using the mold to create such stunners and I always love your background info about your projects. We find a lot of jasmine varieties in India, there is one with 4 petals that is called “Raan jaai” (forest jasmine) locally. It looks slightly different but I could spot the similarity. Lovely jasmines! I’m not a flowers person at all but I love seeing your creations 🙂 You never cease to amaze 🙂

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    Marius Quilling says:

    That’s an amazing project, everything it looks so real, I can see the hard work you’ve done on that flowers and as well everything is a revelation, a truly art of quilling. Congratulations Manu, this was another post which cames straight to my soul, I love to follow your work. Keep doeing this at the same high standard so far.

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you so much, Marius! It’s a pleasure to read your beautiful and encouraging comments! I hope my future projects will continue to impress you! 🙂

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    Otilia says:

    Wow, I love jasmine,and you quilled them very beautiful. What I like at you is that whatever you quill, it´s better than others who tried something like that before. Personally I like very much lily of the valley and I would like to see how you do it(in case you don´t find something more interesting to quill.

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Otilia, thank you so much! 🙂

      I also like the lily of the valley very much and I will definitely put them on my “to quill” list. Thank you for the great idea!


  6. avatar
    Pooja says:

    This is absolutely genius project ! how on earth do you manage to cut such thin strips and quill them too ? What can I say about flowers ….Perfect..I am short of words !! Like sathya said hats off to your patience and perseverance !!

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you very much, Pooja! Working with thin paper strips can be a little bit tricky in the beginning, but trust me, you get used with them very fast. Just try it and let me know how it went!


  7. avatar
    Rose says:

    This is so stunning Manu.. But I wonder as to how did you do the leaves.. How did the line come in the centre of the leaves.. before sticking two papers did you place a wire or something and then did you stick the another leaf shaped paper upon it?

  8. avatar
    Suganthi says:

    Your branch of jasmine flowers look so real. I can smell the sweet fragrance. It is jasmine season here and it is my favourite flower.

  9. avatar
    Zoe Brener says:

    Hi again,

    Something different. Have you done any exotic flowers? How can I explain it, not pretty European ones, but also not cacti…. I hope I’m making sense. Roughly speaking, I’m thinking tropics, desert (well, I would, wouldn’t I). I’d love to see you do some of those. In fact, I am so curious to see how you’d make those, I am challenging you 🙂

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Hey Zoe!

      I imagine that by exotic flowers you mean weird looking ones? I hope I got it right! 🙂 Thank you for the idea and challenge accepted! Now to find some interesting looking flowers…

  10. avatar
    WhiteRacoon says:

    Thanks for playing along with us at Homyachok’s!
    Very cool! Love those snowwhite smooth petals, and am absolutely amazed by the fringed centers – can only envy your patience! Superb!
    Keep on quilling and making us happy 🙂

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Aljona! The flower center were actually the easiest part of this project. Gluing the petals and shaping the branches proved to be a little more difficult and time consuming.
      Thank you for your visit!

  11. avatar
    Ewa says:

    Your work is just stunning Manu, and so “clean”.
    Admire your projects and that you take time to actually do some research lol

    xoxo Ewa

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you very much, Ewa! I always do a little bit of background reading on the subject I’m working on, but only recently decided to share that with my readers. I am really happy you liked my post!

  12. avatar
    Harika K says:

    This is gorgeous Manuela, absolutely stunning! so neat! The flowers look so real and are quilled beyond perfect!

  13. avatar
    CHris says:

    I can smell the scent of those Jasmin. The Jasmin around here do not have centers though, they are just white 5 to 7 petaled flowers on green tubular stalks that smell heavenly. I never knew there were Jasmine that are different till I saw yours and referred to the net and they look so lifelike. Another masterpiece from a master quillist!!

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Chris, thank you so much! There are many varieties, they even come in yellow and pink color. Found out myself while looking at pictures on the net.

      Thank you for the mail with extra tips for making the curved flower petals, it was very useful!


  14. avatar
    bhavana says:

    Absolutely pretty and adorable flowers..
    Thanks for leaving just a lovely comment on my blog..
    Just taking small steps forward in quilling 🙂

  15. avatar
    Ashwini V says:

    Awesome work…! I’ve started quilling recently..and your work is inspiring me…! 🙂 🙂 I like your ideas and the way you are presenting them..neat and every detail on it great..!! 🙂 🙂

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Ashwini, thank you so much! You’ll get hook in no time, quilling is really addictive! 🙂 Have fun and do come back to share photos with your artworks!

  16. avatar
    Maneesha Jain says:

    Hi Manu
    I have started quiling recently. Your work is very neat and inspiring.
    Manu plz give a detailed tutorial on how you attach petals to the centre. I am using silicone gum but cant attach them neatly. Plz help.

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Hello Maneesha!
      I still struggle with attaching the petals, but I found that these 2 methods work the best for me so far: you can either glue petal by petal, at an angle, directly to the stem and the stamens (just hold them in place with your fingers until the melted glue dries completely) or you can adhere the 4 petals together using normal PVA glue and then inset the stem in the middle. Hope it helps!

  17. avatar
    meera says:

    I have started to quill recently and as you say it is really additive. but your work. my god it is just beyond imagination.

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