Quilled Cherry Plum Blossom in a Shadobox Frame

I am back with another frame, this time a quilled cherry plum blossom. These tiny flowers are my very favorite to quill and even if I’ve used them lately in many of my projects, I just can’t seem to grow tired of making them.

Quilled Cherry Plum Blossom in a Shadowbox Frame

 We call these shrubs “corcoduș” in Romanian and cherry plum or myrobalan plum was the closest translation in English I could find (Lat. Prunus cerasifera or Prunus divaricata). It is native to central and eastern Europe, south-western and central Asia. It is one of the first European trees to bloom in spring, often starting in mid-February. You can see them everywhere here, in parks and gardens, being impossible to miss when they are in bloom due to their delicious sweet smell and beautiful white flowers with green foliage or pink flowers with dark red foliage. The fruits are small, measuring 2-3cm in diameter, yellow or red in color. They are edible, reaching maturity from early July to mid-September. The fruits are sweet or sour and can be eaten fresh or can be used to make jam.

Quilled Cherry Plum Blossom - Detail

 The total size of the frame is 25cm*25cm, with the inside measuring 23cm*23cm.  For the flowers I used hand cut 1mm wide paper strips, 160gsm. The diameter of 1 flower is approx. 2cm. Each leaf and flower were individually stemmed and then arranged to form the branches.

Quilled Cherry Plum Blossom - Detail

 The butterfly is made of hand cut 1.5mm wide paper strips, 160gsm. It measures approx. 3cm*2.5cm and I used as inspiration the Large White butterfly or Pieris brassicae.

Quilled White Butterfly

 This is the first version I made, in a pale cream color:

Quilled Butterfly

 Some of my other projects where I used this type of flower: quilled forget-me-not flowers, quilled cherry blossom branch, quilled apple blossom wreathquilled apple blossom branch.


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  1. avatar
    Zoe Brener says:

    Really, really beautiful, as always! Incredible miniature work! Did you cut / punch the leaves out and score the vein?
    Do all these framed pieces adorn your home, or do you give them as presents?

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you, Zoe! Everything you see is hand cut, including the leaves. The veins are actually the wires I used to stem the leaves.

      I sell my frames, give them as gifts and the ones I really like I can’t help but keep them to myself. 😀


  2. avatar
    Pooja says:

    I totally agree with Dr.SOnia ! Not even a single joint is visible in any of the petals,done to at-most perfection .Its always interesting to read the information ,I was wondering about the dark red/maroon leaves ..got the reasons after reading !

  3. avatar
    Soraya says:

    I wish I lived near you so I could stalked you while you do those beautiful learns…. My goodness, you are extremely talented! Thanks for sharing.

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you very much, Thusitha! I am using a cutter and a metal ruler. I cut so many that now I don’t even have to measure the strips and it goes really fast.

  4. avatar
    Natasha Rodricks-Naidu says:

    Manu, these are simply perfect! I can’t find anything to critique in them. How do you manage such a teeny weeny center hole? You had said you used a clipped needle for a tool, correct? Wonderful work. And God ever bless you and your talent. Love, Natasha

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you very much, Natasha!

      No, I never used a clipped needle for a tool, only a toothpick! I recently bought a slotted tool from a craft shop, but I don’t like it because it creates large center holes. You can sharpen the toothpick to make it as thin as you need it and your centers will be almost invisible. Hope it helps!


  5. avatar
    shivani sameer says:

    AWESOME,BEAUTIFUL MANUK……..I Love quilling a lot and i think after taking your tutorials i will improve in my skills..thank you …..and i hope you respond me this time as you are not responding and my interests are going down and down please….. *-*

  6. avatar
    perkylabs says:

    Hi Manuk,

    Your work is too good and branches you arrange flower is looking like natural.
    I have a doubt and request, did you make branch by hand? can you please give some tutorial so that all can learn how to make beautiful and natural looking branches.

    Thank you

  7. avatar
    Vanditha Jain says:

    Hi mannu
    Amazing..:-) I’m so mesmerized with your flowers, and that delicate butterfly, just can’t take my eyes off. Talent with Patience makes a best craftsman and so are you 🙂

  8. avatar
    Lynda says:

    Hi, do you sell these products? As I can’t find any prices and the one i am interested in is Quelled Cherry Plum Blossom in a Shadow box Frame. They would look lovely in my bedroom as I have got cherry plum wall stickers around my window.

  9. avatar
    Bhavya says:

    Amazing is all I can say. I am just starting with quilling and stumbled upon your blog while searching for tutorials and now I have reading it for hours.

  10. avatar
    Miriam Morarescu says:

    Hello Manuk, in primul rand ‘felicitari’, creatiile tale sunt minunate! Imi plac in special si aceste floricele de la ‘cherry plum blossom’, cum reusesti sa faci ‘such a tiny hole’ in mijlocul petalelor, cu mana sau folosesti tot slotted tool? Imi place cum combini culorile si backgroundul (panels) pe care lipesti unele din creatii. Faci tu de mana shadowbox frames sau le iei de undeva? Scuze ca te intreb, dar eu tot am mai cautat magazine online cu frames dar nu prea gasesc ce sa imi placa neaparat si sunt si preturile uneori mari, asa ca am inceput sa-mi fac eu unele singura uitand-ma la unele idei pe internet. Si mie imi place sa fac lucruri cu tehnica quilling, si imi place cand vad si invat lucruri noi legat de quilling. Felicitari din nou, faci lucruri minunate!
    (Ma inspiri si pe mine la cum sa fac anumite lucruri mai frumos)
    Great job! 🙂

  11. avatar
    Harsh says:

    manuk god gives you a gorgeous power to create such a beautiful things.. you are the inspiration of us. who are just beginer in quilling… thank you very much.. we are waiting for your new creation.

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