Quilled Jasmine Flowers in a Shadowbox Frame

It’s been awhile since I last made a proper quilling frame, so I am very happy to share with you my quilled jasmine flowers!

Quilled Jasmine Flowers in a Shadowbox Frame

 Due to my current “stem-everything” obsession, all the projects intended to be framed ended up in a vase or as stand-alone pieces. Unfortunately, this type of display is not very practical since the dust tends to set on the delicate quilled elements, making it impossible to clean. So, I decided to take old ideas and modify them in order to make them suitable for framing. I started with the quilled jasmine flowers and I absolutely loved creating the three-dimensional design!

Quilled Jasmine Flowers - Side View

 The total size of the frame is 25cm*25cm, with the inside measuring 23cm*23cm. For the flowers I used hand cut 1.5mm wide 160gsm paper strips. The diameter of the largest flower is approx. 3.5cm. The leaves are made of 120gsm paper.

Quilled Jasmine Flowers - Detail

 The bee is 2cm long and made of 3mm wide 120gsm yellow paper strips. The black strips are only 1mm wide. This was the original design:

Quilled Bee

 And this is the final version, with a tiny black needle:

Quilled Bee

 Make sure to check my tutorials to learn how to stem quilled flowers and paper leaves and my very first quilled jasmine flowers project!

Also, if you are new to my blog, here are some of my old projects in shadowbox frames: quilled yellow dahlias, quilled daisy field, quilled scarlet red flowers, quilled forget-me-not flowers.

You can also visit me on my Facebook Page – Quilling by ManuK – where I post updates with the projects I’m currently working on!


Thank you for your visit!

Happy Quilling!




  1. avatar
    Cristina says:

    Cu toate ca am vazut poza inainte , crede-ma ca ma uimeste din nou cat de frumos a iesit!!!! Iasomia e atat de frumos lucrata, perfect rulata iar albinuta e dementiala hahahaha, o sa o incerc si eu sa stii!! Deci cu alte cuvinte : E PERFECT!!!! felicitari Manu!!! pupici

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Cris, iti multumesc! Imi face o deosebita placere sa iti citesc comentariile, ma incurajeaza foarte mult! Bafta cu albinuta, eu m-am luptat un pic cu ea cand a trebuit sa lipesc fasiile negre!


  2. avatar
    Zoe Brener says:

    Oh, Manuela!!!!! It’s bad enough that you brought me undone with those absolutely, totally stunning flowers, but no, you had to show that bee! I am in love with him (I decided it’s a he)! That sting! Can you ask him to fly over here, please? What are his wings made from?

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Hihi! Thank you, Zoe! I love your sense of humor! For now, he is busy collecting the pollen (even though I think it’s a job for the female bees only… hmmm…), but he’ll pay you a visit once he is done! The wings are made from baking parchment paper, I like the way they look, delicate and semitransparent!


  3. avatar
    Pooja says:

    Wow The flowers are fabulous.white flowers with yellow center look wonderful with dark green leaves ,Loved their arrangement.I still didn’t manage to quill with such thin strips 🙁

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and comment.Its a pleasure to have a comment from you !

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      It was my pleasure to comment on your blog, Pooja! Thank you for your feedback! As for quilling with thin strips, all I can say is keep trying, you only need a little bit of practice until you get the hang of it!

      Looking forward to see your work!

  4. avatar
    Dr. Karishma says:

    Hi .. Am a new fan of ur awesome work .. These flowers & the bee is simply too cute .. 🙂 can u tell me wat do u useas pollens??

  5. avatar
    Inga says:

    Manuela your work is wonderful, you are a true artist. I have a question, the shadowbox frame has glass???? Thank you! 😉

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