Quilled Cats – Paper Graphic

Today’s project that I want to share with you is a paper graphic: a couple of quilled cats. I made it as a gift for 2 dear friends who  recently got married.

Quilled Cats - Paper Graphic

Quilled Cats - Paper Graphic

 I know they look very simple, but I actually had to draw a few sketches until I was happy with the design. I then copied the cats on a piece of black paper (160gsm) and carefully cut along the contour with sharp and pointy nail scissors.

Quilled Cats Contour - Paper Graphic

 I then glued them on a 17cm * 19cm green cardboard and began to fill the shape with 7mm wide paper strips (160gsm). While I was working on this part, I started to think whether I should add more paper swirls on the light green background. I decided to actually do it after I accidentally dropped my needle with glue which, needless to say, left stains which needed to be somehow covered.

Quilled Cats - Paper Graphic - Detail

Quilled Cats - Paper Graphic - Side View Detail

 The total size of the quilled painting is 21cm*23cm. I added a little detail to make it more personal, the initials of my friends’ names, E and M and the year of they marriage, 2013.


That’s all for now! Thank you for your visit and Happy Quilling!




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    Chris says:

    Hi Manu, The work is so neat and perfect as always and the way you have quilled the cat is gorgeous, but I do think, using something less curly for the background would have brought out the design inside the cats better. I am just thinking out loud. Do try out stripes. If any one can, I think you can pull it off perfectly.
    Paste the black cutout, then do the stripes, so that you can get it perfect around the cat. Then fill the cat in like you have done and see how it turns out.

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      ManuK says:

      Chris, thank you! I really liked working on this project and I will make another one for sure at some point. I will give your idea a go and I will use stripes to see how they look like next to the cats.


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    Severine says:

    Your cats are so gorgeous !! I love them.
    May I have your permission to use your design to make my own cats…?
    Thank you for great inspiration.

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