Quilled Bass Guitar – Paper Graphic

Quick post with a custom order I received a few days ago, a quilled bass guitar in paper graphic.

Quilled Bass Guitar - Paper Graphic

 It is based on a photo of an actual bass guitar, so it has all the details from the original instrument. I drew all the elements of the guitar and then glued them to a cardboard with a printed pattern of vintage wood.

Quilled Bass Guitar - Side View

The size of the guilled painting is 15cm * 23cm. I used 120gsm paper and 5mm wide paper strips. The strings were a bit tricky, with only 1mm – 2mm space in between them, so I really had to hold my breath while gluing them.

Quilled Bass Guitar - Strings Detail

The bass guitar even has a name – eEva – which I wrote in the top corner. I initially wanted to glue the letters in a straight line, but felt like they look nicer a bit tilted to the sides.

Quilled Bass Guitar - eEva Detail

 I want to wish everybody “Happy Holidays!” and a “Happy New Year!” filled with joy, health and of course, many creative ideas!

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    pooja says:

    Its fantastic..I was wondering how you must have done the strings,they are so close n need to straight also,fab Job ! loved the font too.Wishing you too Merry Christmas n Crafty new year 😀 !

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    Pritesh says:

    Ooooooooo! I don’t know how I missed out on this post (been too busy settling down in Bangalore, I guess)…………this is a fantabulous project Manu. One of your most remarkable one, in my opinion. I guess, it’s the supremely effective minimalism that makes this project so amazing!

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    Alex says:

    As I am the one who posted the order for this guitar, let me assure you all that in reality it is absolutely amazing and my friend loved it a lot.

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