Quilled Sunflowers in a Paper Vase with Ladybug

Even though for the past few weeks the temperatures have not exceeded 5 degrees Celsius, on my work desk it surely felt like it’s still summer! And how could it not, when I was surrounded by pretty quilled sunflowers!

Quilled Sunflowers in a Paper Vase with Ladybug

 I initially quilled 2 different types of sunflowers and if you follow my Facebook page – Quilling by ManuK, you’ll recognize these pictures because I already posted them there. For my current project, I went with the bright yellow, almost orange one:

Quilled Sunflowers - Version 1

Quilled Sunflowers - Version 2

 The inside of the frame measures 17cm * 23cm, and the total size is 20.5cm * 26.5cm. For the petals I used 80gsm dark yellow paper and for the center, 120gms brown and black paper. The diameter of the largest quilled sunflower is approx. 5cm. I spent more time working on the leaves than I did quilling the flowers. I wanted to use crepe paper to give the leaves a little bit of texture, but I didn’t like the fact that they turned out too soft. So, I made them like my regular leaves, by adhering 2 layers of 120gsm paper and then gluing the crepe paper on top of them.

Quilled Sunflowers with Ladybug - Detail

 In the original design, the quilled sunflowers were placed inside a water can. But, because I had to shrink it a little bit to make it fit inside the frame, I had to rethink it and went for a water pitcher. That too didn’t fit in properly, so I was left with this vase or bucket, whatever you like to call it. Honestly, who lets the frame dictate the size of their project?! This situation is getting ridiculous, I hope I will soon find more frames in different sizes at an affordable price!

Quilled Sunflowers in a Paper Vase with Ladybug - Side View

P.S. I played a little bit with my blog these past few days and I added a search button in the top right corner and new comment form. Now you can easily comment using your Facebook, Google, WordPress.com or Twitter account, or by typing in your email address, nickname and website. Do let me know what you think about it, I, for once, am happy for the first time with the comment section on my blog! Weee!  😀

Thank you for your visit!

Happy Quilling!



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    pooja says:

    Its fantastic ..I loved the dimension you have given to the flowers n leaves looks so real .Search button will help in searching specific post..rather that to look for labels or old post ,nice you added it and new comment form is easy !

  2. avatar
    Cristina says:

    Este minunat lucrat! Atata atentie la detalii, Imi place cum se vede umbra departajata in bg !! Felicitari !! O lucrare remarcabila!!!! pupici

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Multumesc mult, Cris! Am folost creionul sa hasurez umbra, altfel ramaneai cu impresia ca vaza sta in aer, si nu sprijinita pe ceva. Ma bucur ca iti place!


  3. avatar
    suman says:

    Hi Manu, this is as gorgeous as all your past work !! Have been liking and following all your earlier projects too!! pleasure to be here and all the changes make it so easy for the visitors, have a great day 🙂

  4. avatar
    gracetoyetrick says:

    Good morning Manu, your Sunflowers are exquisite, thank you for sharing your beautiful work of art.Here in Basel it is also brrrrr cold but I am also working on some new ideas, have a great day Sheila

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Hello Sheila!

      Thank you for the lovely comment! I really miss all the beautiful summer colors, everything is so grey now… I think we simply must accept that winter is here! 🙂

      Wishing you many creative ideas!

  5. avatar
    ummu zaky says:

    mmm…very beautiful quilled sun flower Manu. I want to see your sun flower directly, and it must be mooore beautiful than in photo. By the way, If you want to see flower everyday and feel summer almost everyday, come to Indonesia Manu hehehe…( im sorry, my english very poor)

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you very much, Ummu! You are right, I feel like all the quilled projects look better in reality than they do in photos. I’m trying to do my best with my cheap camera, but it’s hard to capture all the little details and colors properly.

      I agree with Sheila, your English is very good! 🙂

      Hihi! I might just accept your invitation to Indonesia and take a break from the Romanian winter!

  6. avatar
    gracetoyetrick says:

    Hi Ummu, I am Sheila and living in Switzerland, I just read your message to Manuk.Firstly you English is very good secondly may I come to Indonesia here it is freezing under zero. I only love the winter when I can go up to the mountains there it is very beautiful,but I am a summer girl.have a great weekend hugs Sheila

  7. avatar
    theCook says:

    Beautiful sunflowers! I’m a beginner at quilling and I have only managed flat flowers yet. How do you hold the petals while the glue dries so the 3D effect is so great? Do you have super fast setting glue?

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you! You could probably use a hot glue gun, but I prefer to make a little funnel out of cardboard and then glue the petals inside it. Hope it helps!

  8. avatar
    Kelly says:

    Your quilling is awe inspiring! It is cold here in Atlantic Canada summer seems so far away! Thank you for the beautiful bits of summer you have created a chose to share!
    I am also a beginner and am curious as to how you are making your green leaves

  9. avatar
    Dani says:

    You are by far my biggest inspiration!!!! Everything I see I want to try! You are AMAZING!!! Congrats on all your beautiful art!!!! Your my hero 🙂

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