Quilled Cherries Tutorial

I am finally posting the quilled cherries tutorial I promised awhile ago! I have to apologize it took me so long, I managed to finish the project last week, but I didn’t have the time to also prepare the photos and the text for the mini class. The weather also didn’t help very much, it’s been very cloudy for the past days and it still is.

Quilled Cherry Branches in a Shadowbox Frame

Quilled Cherry Branches in a Shadowbox Frame

 Quilled Cherries Tutorial

For each cherry you will need 6 paper strips, 160gsm, 1.5mm wide. Glue them 3 by 3 and you will end up with 2 long strips, each measuring approx. 90cm. Roll them into tight coils and using the mini mold, shape them into domes. You could probably use other spherical objects that you have laying around the house. What I used to do before I received my Mini Mold, was to try and make a dome using my fingers, coat it with glue to become stiff and then use it as a mold to help me shape other domes.

Quilled Cherries Tutorial - Step 1

Quilled Cherries Tutorial – Step 1

Carefully coat the inside of the domes with glue using a soft brush.

Quilled Cherries Tutorial - Step 2

Quilled Cherries Tutorial – Step 2

Let them dry and meanwhile, make the stems from wire wrapped in crepe paper. Make a little loop at one end and add adhesive to secure it in place.

Quilled Cherries Tutorial - Step 3

Quilled Cherries Tutorial – Step 3

After it’s completely dried, glue the 2 cherry halves together. You can leave them as they are or paint them with a layer of varnish for the extra gloss that real cherries have.

Quilled Cherries Tutorial - Step 4

Quilled Cherries Tutorial – Step 4

I used these cherries to make a tree branch filled with fruits and leaves. I used 3 tones of red for the cherries to make them look more natural, but after I coated them with varnish, only 2 shades remained distinguishable. The inside size of the frame is 18cm * 24cm. The quilled cherries are approx 1.5cm in diameter. I also added a little bee similar to the one I made for my jasmine flowers.

Quilled Cherry Branches - Detail

Quilled Cherry Branches – Detail

Quilled Cherry Branches - Detail

Quilled Cherry Branches – Detail

You can also check my tutorials on how to make paper leaves and how to stem flowers.

Thank you for your visit!

Happy Quilling!



  1. avatar
    Pooja says:

    1.5 mm strips ?? I am yet to get hang of 3mm strips and here you are using even thinner ones 😀 ! Thinner strips make smoother surface..your cherries are proof 😀 Loved the juicy look they have ! Thanks for the tut !

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Pooja, thank you very much! You can also use 3mm wide paper strips, but in this case I would suggest making the cherries a little bit bigger so that they will look smooth. Hope it helps!

  2. avatar
    Sudha says:

    Hello manuk,
    Your works are outstanding.. I got inspired by seeing your work and I starting quilling the gerbera’s which you posted earlier. I have one doubt in this post. What is the frame you used for this cherries?? Is it a paper frame?? if so, won’t it get torn in the future??

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Hello Sudha,
      Thank you very much! I would love to see your version of the gerberas, so do come back with a picture after you finish working on them!
      It’s a frame made of fiberboard, not paper, and it’s very sturdy. I am planning to deepen it in order to fit the quilled painting inside it behind a 2mm glass. Hope it helps!

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    Marius Quilling says:

    In stilul tau binecunoscut, o alta minunatie ti-a iesit din maini. Ca si la
    alte lucrari de-ale tale, totul e foarte fin, arata atat de natural si se vede pasiunea si grija cu care lucrezi. E o incantare pentru ochii mei cei multi. Felicitari Manu!

  4. avatar
    aureliaeugenia says:

    Everything you do is beautiful,close to perfection! I love your works! The tutorials are great! I’ve always wondered about your perfect leaves !
    M-am lasat dusa de val si ti-am scris asa insa sper ca nu-i bai!Esti o grozava si ma bucur de tot ceea ce ne oferi!

  5. avatar
    Eliza Art says:

    Dear ManuK:
    It is so bautiful card and so good tutorial. It is very helpful to learn how to make new thing in quilling. Your work is perfect.
    I want to thank you for very nice words in my blog…

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      You are very welcome, Eliza, and thank you for your lovely comment! It was my pleasure to visit your blog, I really like your work!
      Happy Quilling!

  6. avatar
    Florena says:

    Felicitari Manuk,e totul superb.Spune-mi te rog de unde pot procura acel sablon cu bule?Inca o data FELICITARI pentru munca ta.Tine-o tot asa!!!

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Multumesc mult de tot, Florena! Nu cred ca la noi se gaseste, eu l-am primit pe al meu din afara. In tutorial am trecut si cateva sugestii despre cum poate fi inlocuit cu succes sablonul! Sper sa iti fie de ajutor!

  7. avatar
    Mariangela says:

    Hello, Manu, thank you for becoming a member of my blog! Your creations are amazing! I would like to learn quilling technique. Unfortunately I have a little time for other hobbies, but I love paper and want-must learn. I’ll read little by little your old posts and try to learn. You are so good at quilling flowers, you’re an artist!

  8. avatar
    Inna says:

    Hi Daniela, the link to the leaves tutorial doesn’t work, does the tutorial exist? I didn’t found it 🙁 (Just wanted to show it to my friend – a new quiller).

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Hi Inna! The link works ok for me, I don’t know what the problem might be. Only one of the pictures appears to be missing for some reason. Do you have a problem with the pictures or with the entire post?

      My name is Manuela, not Daniela. 🙂

      • avatar
        Inna says:

        Manuela, first I’m sorry for Daniela, I don’t know how does it appeared 🙁

        When I try to open the link I receive “Oops! That page can’t be found.” 🙁
        Doesn’t matter…
        I just want to say that I admire your work, it’s sooooo beautiful! It’s perfect! Keep quilling!

  9. avatar
    Monet says:

    These are soo cute! Actually you saved me, I had to make tiny spheres with papers for my finals. I don’t know what I would do without this tutorial.
    You’re a great artist, wishing you the best.

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