Quilled Geometric Tiles

Quilled Geometric Tiles.

I know, it’s been ages since my last post! 😀 This does not mean I stayed away from quilling, I actually have quite a few projects to share with you, but I just find it hard to get back on track after my break from blogging. Being a guest designer for the Indian Quilling Challenge Blog was just the thing I needed to regroup myself, so here is the project I prepared for the current challenge: quilled geometric tiles in the style of Gunjan Aylawadi

Quilled Geometric Tiles

Quilled Geometric Tiles

You can basically create any quilling project with geometric shapes. I have been a fan of Gunjan’s work for a long time and she inspired me to try and create a pattern and fill it with spirals made with rolled paper strips. Since this was my first try and I had no idea how time consuming it would get, I decided to start with a small tile and a simple design. I used 160gsm paper hand cut into 5mm wide paper strips and a toothpick to roll them into spirals.

Quilled Geometric Tiles - Spirals

Quilled Geometric Tiles – Spirals

Each tile measures 10cm * 15cm and it took me around 10 hours to make both of them. They don’t look quite as neat as I would have liked, I still have to figure out a few things and keep practicing, but I can say that overall I am pleased.

Quilled Geometric Tile - Detail

Quilled Geometric Tile – Detail

I hope you will join us in this fun quilling challenge! To read the rules and to see more inspiring projects from the other girls in the design team, visit the Indian Quilling Challenge Blog!

To see the master at work and some gorgeous, intricate geometric designs, please visit Gunjan’s Facebook page and blog!


As always, thank you for your visit and precious comments!

Happy Quilling!



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    agnishaghosh says:

    Loved the design. I have always wanted to try this and now both Gujan and you have inspired me to create something new. Thanks for inspiring always 🙂

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      ManuK says:

      Thank you so much, Molly! I am glad you like the tiles! Yes, a lot of twisting was involved and it took me some time to get the hang of it in order to have all my swirls look the same. I will definitely make more of these!

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      ManuK says:

      Gunjan, you have no idea how happy reading your comment made me! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog, it means so much to me!

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