Quilled Jasmines in a Shadowbox Frame

Quilled Jasmines with Ladybugs in a Shadowbox Frame.

Today’s project is actually a remake of another one I did a year ago, another take on my quilled jasmines. As time goes by, I often look at older designs and wonder how would I approach the same idea and what would I do different now, with all the new things I constantly learn and discover. So I decided to give the quilled jasmines another go and this time I set myself the challenge to use 1mm wide paper strips, instead of 1.5mm. One might think that half a millimeter would go unnoticed, but trust me, it makes a huge difference!

Quilled Jasmines with Ladybugs

Quilled Jasmines with Ladybugs

It took me around 26 hours to finish this quilled painting. I finally managed to time myself, because usually I (would only consider) only think how much it took me to finish a certain project only in terms of days. The 26 hours were spread during 3 days, starting with me cutting the paper strips, making the flowers, the leaves, stemming everything, painting the background and finally assembling everything together. Because this wasn’t the first time I quilled jasmines, things went pretty fast because I already knew how to make the flowers and I didn’t spend hours or even days trying to perfect the design. This is the difference between flowers made with 1.5mm wide paper strips and the new ones, made with strips just 1mm wide:

Old vs. New Jasmine Flowers

Old vs. New Jasmine Flowers

I really like the way the flowers look now, so neat, one can barely tell they are made of paper strips. As for the leaves, I plucked real ones from the jasmine trees we have near our flat and put them in a book to dry. I then used the pressed leaves as a template to create the paper foliage.

Pressed Leaves

Pressed Leaves

The quilled picture wouldn’t be complete without some insects, so this time I added 2 ladybugs. I think their bright red color fits in perfectly next to the white flowers and green leaves.

Quilled Jasmines - Detail

Quilled Jasmines – Detail

My other 2 quilled jasmines projects: quilled jasmine flowers bouquet and quilled jasmine flowers in a shadowbox frame.


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Happy Quilling!



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    marimar1515 says:

    Este foarte, foarte frumos! Incredibil, dar adevarat! 🙂 De mult timp iti urmaresc blogul si toate lucrarile tale ating perfectiunea si, cel putin pe mine, ma inspira foarte mult. Felicitari pentru toata munca!! Sunt curioasa, rama e facuta de tine? Are si sticla de protectie?

  2. avatar
    Natilde says:

    I’m a fan of your work, all are beautiful and inspiring !!!
    Manuk,a question, how much strips used for each petal?
    congratulations on your talent!

  3. avatar
    Cecelia says:

    Wow ManuK, that’s incredibly detailed! I can see you had an easier time sculpting those petals. What paper did you cut the leaves from? I love how you’re constantly striving to learn and grow!

  4. avatar
    nagamani7 says:

    Absolutely stunning and it looks so real..As always, your work is an inspiration to me.
    Manu, I’ve a question -How to get a tear drop shape(more wide at one end and narrow at the opposite end) from a tight coil? I’m struggling to get it.


  5. avatar
    Pritesh says:

    This will put the original jasmines to shame Manu! And those leaves! Oh my! (Do I sound like i”m head over heels in love with those leaves?) 😀 Wonderful job Manu!

  6. avatar
    Kimandra says:

    I’m just a beginner and I have looked a many examples of quilling but I have to tell you that your work is stunning. I hope one day I might aspire to be as good. Manuela you are an inspiration.

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