Quilled Summer Heart

Quilled Summer Heart.

It’s autumn here, in Romania, and October just brings out the best of this season. Nothing compares to the beautiful colors the leaves are turning, in all the gorgeous shades of yellow, red and orange. The rich colors of the fall foliage and the crisp weather is what makes this my favorite time of the year! It also inspired me to create this quilled painting, but with elements belonging to the summer. Yep, I just can’t help it… Due to the fact that 90% of my work consists in quilling flowers, I sometimes feel like I am living a permanent summer!

Quilled Summer Heart

Quilled Summer Heart

I tried a few new things for this project, like the daisies and the rose hip. This is the very first time I used 1mm wide paper strips for the daisy petals and, even if I thought I began to master the process of working with such narrow paper strips, the procedure ended up being very time consuming and tedious. 1mm paper strips definitely work best for making tight coils because they are easier to handle and shape.

Quilled Summer Heart - Daisies

Quilled Summer Heart – Daisies

The rose hip is also something new and I really enjoyed creating these fruits. I used 160gsm paper, hand cut into 2mm wide paper strips. Once the two halves were glued and stemmed, I coated them with a layer of glossy water based varnish to make them look more realistic.

Quilled Summer Heart - Rose Hip

Quilled Summer Heart – Rose Hip

The wheat and the strawberry flowers are old ideas which I’ve used before in another project – gifts of summer – but this time I think I did a better job. For the wheat ears I used 120gsm, hand cut into 2mm wide paper strips and for the white flowers petals 1mm wide paper strips.

I eventually framed the composition in a 23cm * 23cm shadowbox frame, and changed the black background into a sky blue one:

Quilled Summer Heart in a Shadowbox Frame

Quilled Summer Heart in a Shadowbox Frame


I hope you liked my quilled summer heart! All your comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Thank you for your visit!



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    Suganthi says:

    Gorgeous !! 1 mm strips do give a stunning effect to the daisies .I am amazed at how accurately you cut the paper strips.

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    atelierarteideia says:

    Manu!!! This and also all your projects are stunning and an inspiration to everyone who like to see a real piece of art. You´re so talented. Love all your work. Everything is so adorable. Hugs

  3. avatar
    ummu zaky says:

    wow..So.. beautiful and perfect Manu, and the part that i like most is the daisies. Would you mind if you give an explanation about how did you shape the daisies petal.?Is it from loose coil or tight coil? Thank You..

    • avatar
      ManuK says:

      Thank you very much, Ummu! The daisy petals are made with loose coils. Just pinch the teardrop shapes and before you release them, add a little bit of glue to hold them in place. Hope it helps!

      Happy Quilling!

  4. avatar
    Kiran says:

    Hi, Amazing and inspiring work! Loved it! I am just a beginner and have long way to go. Can you also share whats the base and how/where can I purchase it from?

  5. avatar
    Kunda Naik says:

    Hi Manu
    First of all let me wish u a very “Happy New Year”
    I simply love the way u quill your creations so elegantly
    and hence I love ur creativity
    Please don’t mind but I would be really very grateful if u show the detailed tutorial of
    that yellow daisy
    I simply liked this creation of urs
    waiting eagerly

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