Quilled Poppies, Wheat and Strawberries and My New Etsy Shop

Quilled Poppies, Wheat and Strawberries (Summer in a Frame) and My New Etsy Shop.

This project came to life due to a wonderful Facebook event, called the Artchain. For 5 days I had to share old projects and this gave me the opportunity to revisit works which I made for my blog back in 2011. “Gifts of Summer” was created for the Homyachock Challenge Blog when I was invited by their quilling team to be a guest designer. I must confess that back in those days I was pretty proud of that little piece, but now I couldn’t help thinking how I would bring the same idea to life in 2015. So here is my interpretation of it now:

Quilled Poppies, Wheat and Strawberries - Summer in a Frame

Quilled Poppies, Wheat and Strawberries – Summer in a Frame

All the flowers and the strawberries are made with 1mm wide paper strips. It was a little bit tricky to bend the petals of the poppies to make them look more natural, but after 2 days of trying different techniques, I finally managed to get the look I wanted.

Quilled Poppies, Wheat and Strawberries - Summer in a Frame

Quilled Poppies, Wheat and Strawberries – Summer in a Frame

The entire composition fits into a 20cm * 26cm shadowbox frame. I really like how layered and dimensional everything turned out. Unfortunately, I don’t have the old design to compare them side by side, so this picture will have to do:

Quilled Poppies, Wheat and Strawberries - Old vs. New

Quilled Poppies, Wheat and Strawberries – Old vs. New


And last, but not least, I am so happy to announce that I finally opened my Etsy shop! I dreamed about this for quite some time now and I am thrilled that I took the plunge. My shop is called “From Paper to Petal”, which I think best describes the journey undertaken by the ordinary paper sheet, from being chopped into paper strips and all the way to becoming a beautiful flower. I have a low stock for now, but more items will be added over the week-end. I am also opened for custom orders, so I hope that slowly I will able to shift to the shop most of my orders from my blog and Facebook page.

From Paper to Petal

From Paper to Petal


Thank you for your visit!

Happy Quilling!



  1. avatar
    Nandini says:

    “Quilled Poppies, Wheat and Strawberries”………………… I am speechless. Really great…wonderful….amazing work mam :-).
    Also heartiest Congratulations and Best wishes on opening of “New Etsy Shop” on Valentine’s Day!! :-).
    Happy Valentine’s Day !!

  2. avatar
    Voichita says:

    Sunt superbe.., Manu.Nu ma indoiesc ca vei avea foarte mare succes cu noul magazin.Munca ta trebuie rasplatita pe masura.Ai toata admiratia mea.

  3. avatar
    priya says:

    fantabulous creations manu.love the way you play with 1 and 1.5 mm strips.it gives so naturally perfect look to your flowers.always inspiring all of us with your beautiful works.thank you;)

  4. avatar
    Paula says:

    Incredibil cât de natural arată colțul tău de lan.
    Aș fi tare curioasă să văd peste alți câțiva ani o nouă interpretare a aceluiași tablou.
    Felicitări! Mult spor, inspirațe si succes în continuare!

  5. avatar
    Sharu says:

    Manu, I simply luv ur creations..They all are made with perfection which makes them unique. My best wishes for your new shop and i luv the name too ” From Paper to Petal”!!!! sounds cool 😉 Keep inspiring everyone !!!

  6. avatar
    Miriam M. says:

    Manu, all your projects are beautiful! I have learned many things from looking at your creations and studying them closely, and reading your tutorials and other comments on the website. So, I just want to say “thank you very much” for sharing them with us and explaining things. Everything you do looks great and clean! Great job!

  7. avatar
    roshini says:

    Hi manu…i just can say u are so sweet for sharing this work which matters a lot for the begginers and crafters like me….love ur work so much…i jus hav request…can u pls share how to arrange flowers in 3d or relief way bcoz i make them but not able to fix in 3d way…..could be a great help…bcoz i cnt afford proffesionak classes but i love quilling and want to improve skills…pls

  8. avatar
    Alina says:

    Buna Manuela!
    Admir mult felul in care te dedici quillingului. Ma fascineaza modul in care reusesti sa aduci hartia sa semene atat de bine cu realitatea si ma fascineaza detaliul lucrarilor tale. Mi-as dori mult sa-ti pot vorbi in privat. Multumesc!

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