Summer Wreath with Quilled Strawberries and Bees

Summer Wreath with Quilled Strawberries and Bees.

Boy, it’s been ages since my last post! Not to make excuses for myself, but these past months I’ve been busy and mostly stressed out by the entire process of moving to another country. I simply didn’t have any energy left to update my blog, even if I’ve been constantly plagued by feelings of guilt and remorse. But lets not dwell on the past and instead concentrate on the present moment! I’m in Belgium for 3 days now and everything feels new and unfamiliar. So many things to discover and learn, I welcome this adventure with arms wide open!

This small summer wreath with quilled strawberries and bees is the last commission I worked on before leaving Romania. It took me 2 days to make the flowers, leaves and strawberries, stem them and then work on the tiny bees. It took me almost another day to arrange them in a wreath, paint the dots on the fruits and the background. I am proud of myself for completing this project so fast.

Quilled Strawberries and Bees - Side View

Quilled Strawberries and Bees – Side View

The size of the wreath is approximately 16cm in diameter and it fits into a 25*25 cm shadowbox frame.

Quilled Strawberries and Bees - Detail

Quilled Strawberries and Bees – Detail

As much as I wanted, I couldn’t carry with me all my quilling and paper craft supplies. I had some heart-breaking moments while I was trying to stuff in a frenzy as many things as I could in my luggage, only to realize that there simply wasn’t room for everything. I didn’t realize how many things I’ve hoarded over the years, until I had to take everything out and choose what stays and what comes with me. With only a small fraction of my dear craft supplies vetted, I’m trying to take this situation with a positive attitude because it gives me the excuse to go on a shopping binge to restock all my items. Yes, yes, I know… As if one needs a justification to go buying crafting goodies!

Quilled Strawberries and Bees

Quilled Strawberries and Bees

I am currently staying in Kessel-lo, Leuven so if there are any quilling or paper craft enthusiasts living in Belgium, don’t be shy and drop me a line to get in touch. I am looking forward to meeting new people passionate about arts and crafts!

You can follow my Facebook page – Quilling by ManuK – and also, don’t forget about my Etsy shop – from Paper to Petal – , I will be listing more items soon!

Thank you for your visit!

Happy Quilling!




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    mariacvetanova says:

    I am very happy that you are OK, Manu! The wreath is beautiful, love the background also! Whish you luck and happiness in Belgium!

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    pooja says:

    Happy to see a new post on your blog after so long ! As always your project has attention to minute details..look at the veins on each left n perfectly quilled strawberries .Enjoy your stay n shopping in a new country 🙂

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