Spring Greenery – Floral Tile III

Floral Tile III – Spring Greenery.

Time for the third piece from the series of densely packed 12cm*12cm floral tiles – Spring Greenery – this time with white hellebore. I finished it quite some time ago, but kept on tweaking little bits here and there until I felt everything is in the proper place. It’s a bit of a challenge to get the edges of the tile neat and straight in order to keep the overall square shape. The space I get to work with is not very big either, so not a lot of flowers and leaves fit in. Well, it was I who chose the size! 😀

Floral Tile III - Spring Greenery

Floral Tile III – Spring Greenery

I absolutely love making these flowers! They come in so many wonderful colors, I only wish I had paper in the right shades so I can quill them all. They are fairly easy to make, just time consuming. But hey, what in quilling is not time consuming?

Some flowers have their petals covered with the most beautiful dots of bright colors and some are tinted with different hues of green or pink. I felt adventurous and used a little bit of green soft pastel on the petals of my flowers to add a bit of a depth and give them a more natural look. In reality the color is a bit more vibrant and noticeable, but in the photo it lost some of its intensity.

Spring Greenery - Hellebore Detail

Spring Greenery – Hellebore Detail

And the final look, snuggled behind the glass. The frame measures 25cm*25cm. If only Ikea would redesign these frames, or better yet, create a new collection of deeper shadowbox frame!

Floral Tile III - Spring Greenery

Floral Tile III – Spring Greenery

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    Lei. Z says:

    it is really beautiful. I am a beginner from China to make quilling flower. i love your amazing quilling. and i want to be like you.

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