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Quilling by ManuK - Artworks

Paper quilling or paper filigree is an art that involves the use of narrow strips of paper which are carefully rolled using a special tool, shaped and glued in order to create intricate designs. The process of creating a quilled item is time consuming and requires a lot of patience and imagination, but with amazing end results! Framed artworks and panels, three-dimensional miniatures, greeting cards, jewelry, decorated boxes, all these can be made using this versatile technique.

Quilling by ManuK -Artworks


I enjoy the challenge of making my own designs and I usually find my inspiration in nature; as you will see on my blog, most of my items have floral themes. All my paper strips are hand cut by me, using just a cutter and a metal ruler. Unlike the traditional pre-cut quilling strips, which are usually 3mm or 5mm wide, mine are very thin, varying from just 1mm up to 2mm, depending on the project.

Using a slotted tool, I roll each paper strip, then bend it and shape it according to the design I am working on. I take the extra step and stem all my flowers and leaves using wires wrapped in crepe paper in order to give a distinctive, realistic three-dimensional look to my artwork. Creating a new quilled arrangement can take days, sometimes even weeks.

I am mostly fond of making framed quilled paintings and panels, but I will occasionally try my hand at greeting cards, quilled miniatures or other stand-alone pieces of quilling. Even though I’ve been quilling for a few good years now, I am still fascinated by all the beautiful things which can be created using plain paper strips!

Below you will find a list with all my paper quilling creations, I hope you like them and enjoy your stay on my blog! If you have any question or would like to place an order, don’t hesitate to contact me.

*Please note that some projects are listed under more than 1 category.

Floral Tiles:


Framed Quilling Art and Panels:

* Quilled Simple Flower Arrangement

* Quilled Bouquet

* A Basket of Quilled Flowers

* Quilled Yellow Cactus Dahlias in a Shadowbox Frame

* Quilled Daisy Field under a Sunny, Blue Sky

* Quilled Red Dahlias in a Shadowbox Frame

* Gifts of Summer

* Quilled Forget Me Not Flowers in a Shadowbox Frame

* Quilled Scarlet Red Flowers in a Shadowbox Frame

* Quilled Purple Asters in a Shadowbox Frame

* Follow Your Heart

* Quilled G Clef

* Quilled Blue Poppy (Meconopsis)

* Quilled Ladybugs in the Grass

* Quilled Apple Blossom Branch

* Quilled Egyptian Cat Statue

* Quilled Jasmine Flowers in a Shadowbox Frame

* Quilled Cherry Plum Blossom in a Shadowbox Frame

* Quilled Blue Swirls – Paper Graphic Tangles

* Quilled Flower Arrangement in Pink and Yellow

* Quilled Sunflowers in a Paper Vase with Ladybug

* Panels with Quilled Sunflowers

* Panels with Quilled Gerbera Flowers and a White Butterfly

* Quilled Clematis Flowers on a White Picket Fence

* Quilled Vanilla Orchid (Vanilla Planifolia) with Real Vanilla Pods

* Quilled Cherry Fruits on Branches

* Quilled Jasmines with Ladybugs in a Shadowbox Frame

* Quilled Summer Heart


Three Dimensional and Stand-alone Quilling:

* Quilled Fridge Magnet

* Lucky Horseshoe

* Quilled Butterflies

* Quilled Red Dahlia

* Home Sweet Home – Bamboo Screen Decorated with Quilled Flowers and Leaves

* Quilled Martisoare

Quilled Chrysanthemum Bouquet

Back to the Basics I – Quilled Little Yellow Flowers

Corner Bookmark with Quilled Flowers

Back to the Basics II – Quilled Lavender

Tea Time! – Quilled Cherry Blossom Branch

Back to the Basics III – Quilled White Clover

Quilled Sunflowers in a Vase

Quilled Poppy

Please Welcome… Spring! – Quilled Martisoare

* Spring in a Circle – Quilled Apple Blossom Wreath

* Quilled Jasmine Flowers Bouquet in a Vase

* Quilled Bottlebrush (Callistemon)

* Paper Chrysanthemums in a Vase – Paper Punch Craft and Quilling


Quilled Miniatures:

* Quilled Teddy Bear

* Quilled Mouse

* Quilled Mice Family

* Quilled Puppy

* Quilled Teddy Bear II


Quilling Tutorials:

* Quilled Fridge Magnet with Tutorial

* Quilled Floral Arrangements with Tutorial

* Present for a Baby Girl with Tutorial

Back to the Basics III – Quilled White Clover with Tutorial

* Follow Your Heart

* Quillography Tutorial

* Quilled Ladybugs in the Grass with Tutorial

* Stemmed Paper Flowers Tutorial

* Stemmed Paper Leaves Tutorial

* Quilled Cherries Tutorial

* Paper Quilling FAQ – Part I


Quillography and Paper Graphic:

* “Smile” Quillography

* Quilled “Thank You!” Paper Graphic

* Quilled G Clef – Paper Graphic

* “Home” Quillography (Back to the Basics IV)

* “Love” Quillography (Back to the Basics V)

* “Live” Quillography (Back to the Basics VI)

* “1st March” Quillography

* Quilled G Clef – Cat

* Quilled Egyptian Cat Statue – Paper Graphic

* Quilled Cats – Paper Graphic

* Quilled Blue Swirls – Paper Graphic Tangles

* Quilled Bass Guitar – Paper Graphic

* Quilled Geometric Tiles


Quilled Greeting Cards:

Have a Bright Day! – Quilled Greeting Card

Diamond Shaped Greeting Card with Quilled Flowers

* Birthday Greeting Card with Quilled Ladybugs and Grass


Quilled Jewelry:

Quilled Jewelry – Flower Pendant and Earrings

* Quilled Flower Pendants


Book Reviews:

* Pretty Quilled Cards by Cecelia Louie


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* All Things Paper / Ann Martin

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    Carla Raquel Ferreira says:

    Hello, I recently found your blog through Facebook group of Quilling, and I am SOOOO GLAD I found you, because my quilography letters were awful and miserable… and I understood why, wrong glue and paper too thin. I really really learned from you, even though the post are from “ages ago”, but thank you!!!!!!! Please continue!

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