You can buy ready to ship items or place a custom order in my Etsy shop – From Paper to Petal. Here are some the artworks which I currently have available in my shop, more will be added soon:

You can also order and buy my original artworks directly through me. Most of what you see on my blog is made to order, while I might still have some pieces that are ready to ship. Please keep in mind that, because all my items are handmade, I will never be able to perfectly reproduce the quilled paintings used as reference on my blog.  These small differences is what makes each of my products unique. Once you’ve found something that you are interested in, please contact me to discuss availability, pricing and shipping method. Make sure to carefully read all the policies listed below:


Paypal is my preferred payment method. For custom orders, I require a 50% deposit to be paid in advance and the rest upon completion. For in stock items, a full payment is entailed at the time of purchase. In both cases, I will ship the items only after the payment is cleared.


I ship via Registered Mail and provide a tracking number. If you want confirmation of receipt or insurance or if you prefer a certain courier, simply let me know in advance.

Please note that I ship from Romania and depending on your chosen shipping method, you must allow enough time for delivery (5 business days up to 3 weeks, or even more).


All sales are final, but if there is a problem after you receive your item, contact me within 3 days and I will do my very best to resolve it on a case-by-case basis.

If items are broken during shipping, please let me know immediately. I will be happy to repair or replace any items damaged during shipping once the original item is returned. I do not pay return postage on items being returned.


I also take custom orders, so if you haven’t found anything to your liking here, I will be happy to create an item just for you, either a complete new design or a variation of the ones already posted on my blog. The time needed to complete an order depends on my current workload and on the complexity of each design, ranging from a minimum of 3-5 days, up to 3 weeks.

To read more about paper quilling and for a list with all my quilling projects, you can visit the Paper Quilling page.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you for your interest!




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    Jo says:

    Hello Manuela from Australia !!
    Your work is inspiring.
    I was interested to see the bottlebrush flower. I make australian wildflower cards and have been unhappy with my version of the bottlebrush. I am gradually sorting out how best to do it, with some inspiration from you. As we have so many nectar eating birds, there are a lot of flowers requiring that yellow edge. I mix some yellow paint with PVA glue and use a toothpick to run it along the edge of the strips. Also, I have found that metallic or shimmer paper (not too sure what it would be called in your part of the world) is really tough and easy to shape. Very forgiving. It isn’t the cheap metallic paper, but one that’s used a lot for wedding invites, etc. and comes in lots of colours.
    I have signed up to get your very interesting blogs.
    Thankyou for sharing.
    All the very best,

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      ManuK says:

      Hello Jo! Thank you so much for your interest in my work! 🙂 A fellow quiller from Australia challenged me to try and quill some exotic, unusual flowers and send me some pictures with various plants indigenous to her country. I was very impressed by the shape of the bottlebrush and this is how I ended up quilling it. I first cut a wide red paper strip, about 1.7cm (if I remember correctly :)), then glued on both edges very narrow pale yellow paper strips and the proceeded with the fringing. Your idea with the PVA glue mixed with paint sounds really good, too! A thick layer would add a nice dimension to the edges of the fringes, just like the real flowers have. So I will definitely give it a try, as I plan to make a frame with a few bottlebrush branches!

      Thank you again and happy quilling!

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    Smita says:

    Work by you is outstanding. No words to describe. I’m new to all this. But get more encouraged by just watching all this.



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