Quilled Blue Swirls – Paper Graphic Tangles

Quilled Blue Swirls – Paper Graphic Tangles.

After I finished the paper graphic project with cats, I really wanted to try and quill a more elaborated pattern simply to see if I could do it and, of course, for the fun of it. So I searched for some images with swirly designs until I found one intricate enough and decided to give it a go. Long story short, this is how I ended up making the quilled blue swirls:

Quilled Blue Swirls

 * This project was never meant to be posted on my blog, so please try to overlook any mistakes I made.

And now a little bit about the process:

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Quilled Cats – Paper Graphic

Today’s project that I want to share with you is a paper graphic: a couple of quilled cats. I made it as a gift for 2 dear friends who  recently got married.

Quilled Cats - Paper Graphic

Quilled Cats - Paper Graphic

 I know they look very simple, but I actually had to draw a few sketches until I was happy with the design. I then copied the cats on a piece of black paper (160gsm) and carefully cut along the contour with sharp and pointy nail scissors. Continue reading →

Quilled Cherry Plum Blossom in a Shadobox Frame

I am back with another frame, this time a quilled cherry plum blossom. These tiny flowers are my very favorite to quill and even if I’ve used them lately in many of my projects, I just can’t seem to grow tired of making them.

Quilled Cherry Plum Blossom in a Shadowbox Frame

 We call these shrubs “corcoduș” in Romanian and cherry plum or myrobalan plum was the closest translation in English I could find (Lat. Prunus cerasifera or Prunus divaricata). It is native to central and eastern Europe, south-western and central Asia. It is one of the first European trees to bloom in spring, often starting in mid-February. You can see them everywhere here, in parks and gardens, being impossible to miss when they are in bloom due to their delicious sweet smell and beautiful white flowers with green foliage or pink flowers with dark red foliage. The fruits are small, measuring 2-3cm in diameter, yellow or red in color. They are edible, reaching maturity from early July to mid-September. The fruits are sweet or sour and can be eaten fresh or can be used to make jam. Continue reading →

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