Quilled Jasmine Flowers in a Shadowbox Frame

It’s been awhile since I last made a proper quilling frame, so I am very happy to share with you my quilled jasmine flowers!

Quilled Jasmine Flowers in a Shadowbox Frame

 Due to my current “stem-everything” obsession, all the projects intended to be framed ended up in a vase or as stand-alone pieces. Unfortunately, this type of display is not very practical since the dust tends to set on the delicate quilled elements, making it impossible to clean. So, I decided to take old ideas and modify them in order to make them suitable for framing. I started with the quilled jasmine flowers and I absolutely loved creating the three-dimensional design! Continue reading →

Chrysanthemums – Stemmed Paper Flowers Tutorial

I am back with the project I promised you last week: stemmed paper flowers tutorial! I’ll show you how I made the paper chrysanthemums I posted a few days ago, I hope you’ll enjoy creating your own and learn something new in the process!

Chrysanthemums - Stemmed Paper Flowers Tutorial

I used 3 different sized punches: 3.7cm, 2.5cm and 1.5cm and 120gsm paper.  This is just an example, you can make the flowers large or as small as you need them and also add more layers of punched flowers if you want your chrysanths to look more ample!

For each flower and bud you’ll need 4 flower shapes cut with the 3.7cm punch and 2 flower shapes cut with the 2.5cm punch. The only difference between the two is the flower center, which is smaller for the buds. Continue reading →

Paper Chrysanthemums in a Vase – Paper Punch Craft and Quilling

As you might have noticed, my blog and Facebook page have been super silent for the past weeks. I felt like I needed to take a little break from crafting due to a total lack of inspiration and interest, which I am happy to say that now is finally over. My first project after this “mini summer holiday” is a combination between paper punch craft and a hint of quilling: paper chrysanthemums in a vase.

Paper Chrysanthemums in a Vase

 I’ve been meaning to purchase some paper punches for a long, long time, but for some reason I always ended up postponing it. I owe a big thank you to Cristina who convinced me to finally buy some and was sweet enough to start my collection by gifting me 4 punches! These paper chrysanthemums are among my first flowers ever made using this crafting technique. Again, my plans to make a greeting card failed, so I ended up stemming each flower and creating a three dimensional arrangement by placing them in a pretty white vase which resembles a shopping bag. Continue reading →

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