Quilled Bottlebrush (Callistemon)

Last week Zoe Brener challenged me to quill some exotic, weird looking flowers instead of the ones I usually make. She was even kind enough to send me some pictures with flowers from where to choose, and, boy, was I happy she did so because, knowing myself,  it would have probably taken me ages to decide what to make.  The plant which immediately caught my eye was the buttlebrush due to it’s wonderful color and shape.  So, I give you my red quilled bottlebrush:

Quilled Bottlebrush

 Callistemon (commonly known as the buttlebrush because of their resemblance with the traditional bottle brush) is a genus of shrubs endemic to Australia. There are currently 40 species called Callistemon. They make great garden plants, ranging from 0.5m to 4m tall shrubs with spectacular flowers which are irresistible to nectar-feeding birds and insects.For the flowers, I used 2cm wide red paper strips (120gsm). I glued on their edge light yellow paper strips (less than 1mm wide) and then began to finely fringe them, making a total of 36 tiny fringed flowers. Continue reading →

Quilled Jasmine Flowers Bouquet in a Vase – A Cluster of Fragrant Flowers

I can’t believe I finally get to post this project! It took me a lot more time to finish it than I expected and now that it’s done, I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Phew! I give you a bunch of quilled jasmine flowers in a vase:

Quilled Jasmine Flowers in a Vase

 There are a few shrubs of jasmine in the gardens near my flat and for the past weeks, ever since they bloomed, it’s impossible to pass past them without noticing their sweet, delicious fragrance. I love the flowers and getting to see them almost everyday inspired me to try and quill them. Continue reading →

Quilled Egyptian Cat Statue – Paper Graphic

I am back with a paper graphic project, this time a quilled Egyptian cat statue of Bast or Bastet.

Quilled Egyptian Cat

 I got the idea to quill the Egyptian cat after I saw Agatha Cristie’s Poirot – The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb. At the end of the episode, the Belgian detective brings his secretary, Miss Lemon, a small, black statue of a cat as a souvenir. I have always been passionately curious about Ancient Egypt and now I wonder how come it took me so long to try to quill something related to it? Continue reading →

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