Back to the Basics III – Quilled White Clover with Tutorial

Hello Everybody!

I am back after a short summer holiday with the 3rd canvas from ‘Back to the basics’ series: quilled white clover.

 I’m really enjoying creating these easy canvases and this time I made a tutorial which might be helpful for beginner quillers. Continue reading →

Tea Time! – Quilled Cherry Blossom Branch

Hello Everybody!

Today I want to share with you a beautiful quilled cherry blossom branch. This is not the final look, because it will eventually end up in a frame, behind a glass, but I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures to show off. I wanted to give it a Japanese /Asian feel, so I placed the branch in a pretty white porcelain tea pot and then I put the pot on a bamboo tray. I don’t know if it worked as planed, but here it is:

 This idea came to life (or should I say… began to bloom 🙂 ) earlier this spring, one day as I was being surrounded by trees in full bloom, dazed by their sweet perfume. I had a handful of pink petals from an older project of mine, so I made more of them and then I created the flowers. Unfortunately, after the not-so-good experience with the quilled forget-me-not flowers, I tried to find an easier way to assembly a 3D project.  So, I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to my 0.34mm (yes… 0.34mm exactly!) wire and my trusty hot glue gun. Couldn’t have finished without you, guys! Haha! Continue reading →

Back to the Basics II – Quilled Lavender

Hello Everybody!

I must confess that I’m really starting to enjoy creating these little canvasses! For the second one, I went with pastel colors and I don’t think one can get more basic than this quilled lavender:

 I used the same basic quilling shape I did in ‘Little Yellow Flowers’ and the canvas was made after Claire’s tutorial. Continue reading →

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