Quilled Scarlet Red Flowers in a Shadowbox Frame

Hello Everybody!

A few weeks ago I received a special order: I was asked to create a frame with some simple flowers. With NO dead line! This of course allowed me to take much more time than I actually wanted to dedicate to this project. Not the best working scenario for me!

A while ago, I purchased a set of papers with five new colors,  so I decided to try them. I instantly fell in love with the scarlet red paper and, from the moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew that I will shred it to strips which I will eventually turn into some pretty flowers. That is exactly what I did, but after making the 3 big flowers, the project came to a halt. I had no idea what to make of them and only after one week or so I finally created a design suited for my quilled scarlet red flowers. This is the end result:

I am really happy with the outcome, I simply love to make 3D projects! If the frame was a little deeper, the plants would have looked so much better! The next thing on my to-do-list is to learn how to deepen a frame! Continue reading →

Corner Bookmark with Quilled Flowers

Hello Friends!

While trying to concoct a few phrases for this entry, I realized this is my 3rd post for this month. Looking back at my archive, I declare this month a very good one! Yay!

The project I am showing you today is a little corner bookmark made with a lot of love for a dear, dear friend of mine who now lives abroad and whom I get to see only a few times a year. I wanted to give her a little gift, but something practical instead of one of my framed works and because she loves to read, a bookmark with quilled flowers felt like the perfect present.

The internet is full of tutorials for these. After making a few different models, I settled for this square one which measures 6/6cm.

The idea was to make and elegant and sturdy bookmark, so I used 160g/sm red cardboard and 120g/sm brown paper. The paper with pattern comes  from a gift bag, lucky me the colors matched! Continue reading →

Back to the Basics I – Quilled Little Yellow Flowers

Whenever I’m working on a large project (read large as in time consuming, because size has nothing to do with how much time I invest in a project), I like to take little breaks. And because I don’t want to stay away from quilling, I started a series of 12/12cm pictures, which I named ‘Back to the Basics’. Simple designs, basic quilling shapes, experiments with different colors.

So here is the first one ‘Quilled Little Yellow Flowers’:

A bright quilled painting with bold colors on a white background. It all started with some tight coils, so there you have it, your basic shape for this project! Continue reading →

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