Quilled Forget Me Not Flowers in a Shadowbox Frame

I am so happy that I finally managed to finish this project! These past weeks found me procrastinating and going through a very long artistic block, which unfortunately is not over yet. So looking at this framed piece makes me feel a little better.

I started working on it in the beggining of this Summer and because back then I didn’t have all the materials I needed to finish, I had to put it on hold.

My goal was to make the ‘forget me nots’ look as close as possible to the real ones. In order to do that I had to use wire for the flowers’ stems and green flower tape to conceal it. Once I got these mats I started to assembly the plant which turned out to be very challenging because of  all those little flowers which have to stay very close to each other and being the first time I had to work with floral tape… well… you can imagine! My first attempts were very messy, but once I got the hang of it, things moved a little faster. Yay!

My mom loves these blue, cute flowers, so this is a present for her. Shame on me it took me so much time to finish it, but my obsession with details took the best of me. Continue reading →

Home Sweet Home – Bamboo Screen Decorated with Quilled Flowers and Leaves

Hello ladies!

It’s been a while since I last posted a project on my blog and I must say I really missed all my crafting friends! Feels so good to be back! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to see your latest creations, but I will slowly start catching up and leaving comments.

A few months ago, I bought from Daiso (and now I am going to quote the label) a ‘bamboo partition with waveform lattice’. Actually, I bought three pieces because I liked them very much and I thought that they will look even better with some quilled embellishments. The piece is about 21 cm tall, 13 cm wide and very light. This is how one of them looked like before I added the paper decorations:

I have pretty much forgotten about them, until a couple of weeks ago when I did a little bit of cleaning around my work space (and I must say that my work space, even after spending a few hours arranging all my papers, boxes and other crafting items, still looks incredibly messy!). So, after more than half of year, I finally decided to give it a go and quill something for my bamboo piece. Continue reading →

Present for a Baby Girl with Tutorial

It’s time to share with you the other project I had prepared for our trip to Iasi I was telling you about a month ago: a framed quilled picture with the name of a very sweet baby girl!

I started working on this present as soon as the parents decided how they are going to name their baby. Unfortunately, I finished the project while we were in Iasi, so all the pictures were taken using a cell phone, hence the bad quality of the photos.

Initially I thought of a quilled monogram, big enough to be framed and hanged on the wall, but I realised that the full name looks better when written down than just a single letter. This is how my original idea looked like:

I was planning on covering the letter ‘A’ with quilled flowers in different pink shades (since this present was a surprise and the parents didn’t know exactly what I was going to make, I decided to play it safe and chose the color pink for the letters and the flowers). Continue reading →

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