Present for a Baby Girl with Tutorial

It’s time to share with you the other project I had prepared for our trip to Iasi I was telling you about a month ago: a framed quilled picture with the name of a very sweet baby girl!

I started working on this present as soon as the parents decided how they are going to name their baby. Unfortunately, I finished the project while we were in Iasi, so all the pictures were taken using a cell phone, hence the bad quality of the photos.

Initially I thought of a quilled monogram, big enough to be framed and hanged on the wall, but I realised that the full name looks better when written down than just a single letter. This is how my original idea looked like:

I was planning on covering the letter ‘A’ with quilled flowers in different pink shades (since this present was a surprise and the parents didn’t know exactly what I was going to make, I decided to play it safe and chose the color pink for the letters and the flowers). Continue reading →

Homyachok Quilling Challenge #3 – Gifts of Summer

A new quilling challenge started on Homyachok challenge blog: Gifts of Summer!

You can make a postcard, a quilling picture or anything else that shows what Summer is all about: fruits, berries, mushrooms, wild flowers, etc.

This is what I have prepared as a guest designer for this month:

I started by making a few field flowers and I chose poppies for their red bright color. Continue reading →

Quilled Teddy Bear

As promised, here are a few more pictures with the quilled teddy bear: back and side view.

This little guy is only 4.5 cm tall, that is about 1 1/2″. I used 160g/sm paper because I knew lighter paper would mean more fringing.  I am going to try some 80g/sm paper for my next project of this type, just to see if I can make the quilled toy look more fluffy.

 Happy quilling!


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