Quilled Flower Arrangements with Tutorial

Everytime I want to buy colored paper for quilling, I end up getting a stack of 6 to 10 colors. Now, from all of these, I never use more than let’s say… 4 or 5. I buy the whole stack because few colors catch my eye; I know the other ones are going to lay somewhere never to be used. In the past couple of days, I cleaned (or tried to clean) my workspace and I realised how many sheets of paper were waiting to become a leaf, a flower or anything else you can turn them into through quilling.
I picked a few of them which I’ve never used before. I was surptised to see that they actually have a great deal of potential.

So I made some leaves…

… a few flowers… Continue reading →

Quilled Yellow Cactus Dahlias in a Shadowbox Frame

Hello Everybody!

I started this project more than a month ago, but I had to put it on hold because I couldn’t find a suitable frame for it and I wasn’t sure how I wanted the background to look like. Last week I went to IKEA where they have some beautiful shadowboxes. I bought a white one and fortunately, the size was perfect for my quilled yellow dahlias. I chose a dark purple background which I think makes the yellow flowers really pop out. So here it is, behind real grass! I am so happy I finally framed this picture and I am very pleased with the result. I hope you will like it too!

The total size of the picture is 23cm * 23cm. For both flowers and leaves I used 120g/sm paper, hand-cut into 2mm paper strips. The diameter of the largest flower is aprox. 5.5cm.

A few close-up photos: Continue reading →

Have a Bright Day! – Quilled Greeting Card

Hello Everybody!

I quilled this card for the Take a Quill Pill challenge. This month’s rule is to use a monochromatic color scheme, so I settled for some orange shades.

Honestly, it would have been either this version or plain white, since I don’t have many colors which can be considered part of a monochromatic scheme. Once I chose the colors, the greeting on the card simply popped into my head.


So there you have it, I wish you all a bright day!



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