Paper Quilling FAQ – Part I

Paper Quilling FAQ – how to choose between different paper densities (grammage) and how to cut your own paper quilling strips.

I have been thinking about writing a paper quilling FAQ for a while now and last week I finally decided it’s time to set my idea in motion. For this, I have compiled the questions I get most frequently asked and tried to answer them in detail and to the best of my abilities.

Disclaimer: I will talk mostly about my own style of quilling which is based on my personal preferences and what I found that works best for me throughout the years. There are no rules set in stone, so I encourage you to experiment and try different things!

1. What brand of paper do you use? How do you choose between all the available paper densities?

I don’t have a favorite brand and I usually buy any colored paper I can get my hands on. The main criteria when choosing my paper is plain and simple: its color. I still haven’t stumbled on a sheet of paper I haven’t been able to quill with!

Paper Quilling FAQ - Paper Sheets

Paper Quilling FAQ – Paper Sheets

I use anything from 80gsm, 120gsm and up to 160 gsm for paper quilling. With time, I ended up favoring certain paper density for different quilled elements. For example: 160gsm for full petals made with tight coils, 80gsm for small petals or small fringed flowers and so on. Continue reading →

Quilled Summer Heart

Quilled Summer Heart.

It’s autumn here, in Romania, and October just brings out the best of this season. Nothing compares to the beautiful colors the leaves are turning, in all the gorgeous shades of yellow, red and orange. The rich colors of the fall foliage and the crisp weather is what makes this my favorite time of the year! It also inspired me to create this quilled painting, but with elements belonging to the summer. Yep, I just can’t help it… Due to the fact that 90% of my work consists in quilling flowers, I sometimes feel like I am living a permanent summer!

Quilled Summer Heart

Quilled Summer Heart

I tried a few new things for this project, like the daisies and the rose hip. This is the very first time I used 1mm wide paper strips for the daisy petals and, even if I thought I began to master the process of working with such narrow paper strips, the procedure ended up being very time consuming and tedious. 1mm paper strips definitely work best for making tight coils because they are easier to handle and shape. Continue reading →

Quilled Jasmines in a Shadowbox Frame

Quilled Jasmines with Ladybugs in a Shadowbox Frame.

Today’s project is actually a remake of another one I did a year ago, another take on my quilled jasmines. As time goes by, I often look at older designs and wonder how would I approach the same idea and what would I do different now, with all the new things I constantly learn and discover. So I decided to give the quilled jasmines another go and this time I set myself the challenge to use 1mm wide paper strips, instead of 1.5mm. One might think that half a millimeter would go unnoticed, but trust me, it makes a huge difference!

Quilled Jasmines with Ladybugs

Quilled Jasmines with Ladybugs

It took me around 26 hours to finish this quilled painting. I finally managed to time myself, because usually I (would only consider) only think how much it took me to finish a certain project only in terms of days. The 26 hours were spread during 3 days, starting with me cutting the paper strips, making the flowers, the leaves, stemming everything, painting the background and finally assembling everything together. Because this wasn’t the first time I quilled jasmines, things went pretty fast because I already knew how to make the flowers and I didn’t spend hours or even days trying to perfect the design. This is the difference between flowers made with 1.5mm wide paper strips and the new ones, made with strips just 1mm wide: Continue reading →

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