Quilled Flower Arrangement in Pink and Yellow

Quick post with a simple quilled flower arrangement which I did in both pink and yellow.

Simple Quilled Flower Arrangement in Pink and Yellow

 I initially had to make a few greeting cards, but because I ended up adding too many flowers and leaves, I decided to glue them on a thick piece of cardboard and maybe frame them. They were sitting like that on my desk for a few days, when I came up with the idea to mount a little support on the back to hold the weight of the cardboard and of the quilled elements. Continue reading →

Quilled Blue Swirls – Paper Graphic Tangles

Quilled Blue Swirls – Paper Graphic Tangles.

After I finished the paper graphic project with cats, I really wanted to try and quill a more elaborated pattern simply to see if I could do it and, of course, for the fun of it. So I searched for some images with swirly designs until I found one intricate enough and decided to give it a go. Long story short, this is how I ended up making the quilled blue swirls:

Quilled Blue Swirls

 * This project was never meant to be posted on my blog, so please try to overlook any mistakes I made.

And now a little bit about the process:

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Quilled Cats – Paper Graphic

Today’s project that I want to share with you is a paper graphic: a couple of quilled cats. I made it as a gift for 2 dear friends who  recently got married.

Quilled Cats - Paper Graphic

Quilled Cats - Paper Graphic

 I know they look very simple, but I actually had to draw a few sketches until I was happy with the design. I then copied the cats on a piece of black paper (160gsm) and carefully cut along the contour with sharp and pointy nail scissors. Continue reading →

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